How to become a Member of Old Conna Golf Club
One of the most mature and enjoyable premier parkland courses in the South Dublin/North Wicklow region.

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Membership 2023 - Application

There are currently a limited number of Full and Five Day memberships for 2023. An application form is available via the link below.. You will need a proposer and seconder to write a letter and sign the application form. They both have to be full members. The following is a breakdown of the 2023 costs of the various memberships.

* Core Membership (1st January to the 31st December).
* The subscriptions quoted includes €200 social levy, GUI/ILGU and Insurance.
* Core memberships are subjected to an entrance fee.
* Entrance fee is payable over three years.

Membership 2022
  Entrance Fee Subscription
Full Membership €6,600 €1,688
5 Day Membership €3,500 €1,218

Under 40’s
€1919 per year (no entrance fee applicable on this category) this includes bar/restaurant levies, GUI Membership & Insurance.
The subscription includes €200 social levy, GUI/ILGU and Insurance

Annual Membership (from 1st March to end of February).
There is no entrance fee for annual membership.

Currently not available

Annual Full **Currently not available**
Annual 5 Day **Currently not available**