The dress code for Old Conna Golf Club is designed to ensure that sensible golfing and sociable standards are adhered to and maintained on the Course and in the Clubhouse at all times. The Dress Code is also designed to ensure that all Members, Visitors, and Guests enjoy all aspects of their time in Old Conna.

Old Conna Golf Club is a Private Members Club.

We welcome all visitors to our Club.

Under Club Rule 12.2 all visitors, when entering the Clubhouse, must be signed in by a current Club Member in the Visitors Book provided.


Normal smart casual wear is expected in the Bar, Restaurant and Clubhouse area at all times.

The following are NOT acceptable in the Clubhouse at any time:

1.     Football/Rugby style shirts, collarless shirts or T-shirts

2.     Denim shirts

3.     Tracksuit tops or bottoms

4.     Football shorts or beach shorts

5.     Tie-dyed, cut or torn or ragged end denim trousers

6.     Hats/caps which must be removed

7.     The use of mobile phones should be minimal and discreet


Normal golfing attire, in keeping with the facilities and standards of Old Conna Golf Club, is expected on the Golf Course, Putting Green and Practice Area at all times.

Golf shoes must be worn.

The following are NOT acceptable on the Golf Course at any time:

1.     Football/Rugby style shirts

2.     Denim shirts or trousers

3.     Tracksuit tops or bottoms

4.     Football shorts or beach shorts

5.     Mobile phones should be turned to “silent” and should only be used in cases of medical emergency

Adherence to this dress code is primarily the responsibility of individual members, their guests, and visitors. Management and Staff have the authority to advise those who are in breach of the Dress Code, and where necessary to ask such people to leave or refrain from entering certain areas of the Clubhouse.

Old Conna Golf Club Council

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